Presenting the World of Miss Mindy Collection

Disney’s cavalcade of classic characters has long served as an inspiration to all kinds of artists. The company’s various lines of figurines give these creators a chance to present these familiar faces in their own unique style. The World of Miss Mindy collection is an excellent example, and we’ll showcase it in this blog.

Who is Miss Mindy?

“Miss Mindy,” as she is professionally known, is an artist who works in the fields of illustration, animation, and figurine design. She’s been an artist all her life. She belongs to a family full of artists, including a grandmother who worked in Walt Disney Animation’s Ink and Paint department.

It’s no wonder, then, that Disney movies had a profound impact on her style. She also cites Betty Boop and anime as influences on her creations’ large eyes and caricatured anatomy. Her work is so stylized that she calls it “cartoon folk art.”

Miss Mindy Meets Disney

Naturally, The Disney Company took notice of Miss Mindy’s work and let her design her own run of Disney Vinylmation figures. The results were so well-received that she developed her own vinyl line for the company, called World of Miss Mindy. It’s a playground where she can render iconic Disney characters in her inimitable style. Here are a few of our favorite examples.

Villains Evil Queen

Miss Mindy portrays Snow White’s wicked stepmother in the way that only she can, in the Villains Evil Queen vinyl figurine. You can see the chibi influence on her appearance: her enormous head, like an apple, balanced on a slim body. Moreover, something about those huge and asymmetrical eyes hints at the wickedness lurking within the one-time “Fairest of Them All.”

Jaq and Gus

With the Jaq and Gus figurine set, Miss Mindy goes in a completely different direction. The characters more closely resemble their animated appearance than most of the artist’s other Disney figurines, possibly because they were already cartoony enough. She instead brings the “folk art” side of her cartoon folk art into their look, embellishing their ears and shirts with new patterns and symbols.

Fantasia Figures with Backdrop

The Fantasia Figures with Backdrop set is a wonderful gift for big-time fans of both Miss Mindy’s style and Fantasia. It features five fabulously rendered characters: Sorcerer Mickey, two of his overly loyal broomsticks, the blue Centaurette, and a baby Pegasus. For good measure, it also comes with a beautifully painted backdrop that highlights Miss Mindy’s other artistic skill.

Jack Skellington

Few Disney animated properties are more stylized than The Nightmare Before Christmas. It only makes sense that Miss Mindy tackles it in her own fashion. Her take on Jack Skellington is more cute than scary. She expands his eye sockets and gives him a tiny top hat and parasol. Even the jack-o’-lantern on which he’s perched is adorable. Talk about a happy Halloween.

World of Miss Mindy at Your WDW Store

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