Staff Picks July 2021 Best Children’s Disney Clothing

Disney movies and the Disney Parks can remain special to someone for the entirety of their lives. With that said, their work was made to enchant children, along with their families. Naturally, you can find plenty of children’s Disney clothing for your own little ones. In this article, the Your WDW Store staff spotlights some of their favorite kid-friendly outfits.

Ariel and Flounder Disney Youth Shirt

Kids may not care about fashion as much as adults, but kids’ clothing can still be well-designed and even chic. Case in point: the Ariel and Flounder Disney Youth Shirt, which is just so satisfying to pore over. The faux wash all-over print uses the tie-dye aesthetic to convey sunlight under the sea. Plus, the chibi-inspired artwork of the Little Mermaid hugging her fishy friend is too cute to resist.

Moana and Pua Skirted Tank Top

Continuing the theme of children’s Disney clothing depicting a princess embracing her animal companion, we present the Moana and Pua Skirted Tank Top. The artwork features the restless explorer taking a break to cuddle with her pet pig, surrounded by tropical flowers and a blank-faced Heihei. The shirt itself is a sleeveless tee combined with a blousy skirt, all in a lovely shade of ocean blue. It’s a perfect outfit for a day at the beach.

Frozen Elsa Ice Queen Costume

Kids love dressing up as their favorite characters, even outside of Halloween or Disney Parks trips. The Frozen Elsa Ice Queen costume has been a favorite for nearly a full decade. This official dress is based on the superstar royal’s icy blue gown, complete with a cape that looks like it’s made of snowflakes. Belting “Let It Go” and “Into the Unknown” at the top of one’s lungs just hits different when one is in the dress.

Ride Vehicles Disney Youth Shorts

It’s a testament to the greatness of Disney Parks attractions that even the ride vehicle designs can be iconic. As your child looks over the Ride Vehicles Disney Youth Shorts, they might recognize the featured transports immediately. The Monorail looks as futuristic as ever, even after 50 years. The Space Mountain rockets retain their space-age charm, while the Splash Mountain log boats stand out in the best way.

Halloween Vampire Mickey Light Up Cauldron Socks

Who says Christmas is the only occasion for holiday-specific socks? The Halloween Vampire Mickey Light Up Cauldron Socks can make your kid’s October. Unusual among children’s Disney clothing, it shows the spookier side of Mickey Mouse. That said, it’s still silly enough to provide more laughs than chills. Thanks to its light-up feature, kids who are afraid of the dark may even feel braver when wearing it. That Vampire Mickey is a stand-up guy.

Children’s Disney Clothing at Your WDW Store

These outfits are only a few of our favorite examples of children’s Disney clothing at the moment. Your WDW Store features over 800 shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, costumes, socks, and more fun-sized apparel. Shop with us today and find something that the kids in your life will love wearing.