Staff Picks: The Fairest of All Disney Princess Pins

Among the most popular characters in all Disneydom are the Princesses (with a capital P). Just stroll around the Disney Parks and you’ll see plenty of small children dressed in full regalia. If you want something subtler, Disney princess pins are also available. Here are a few of the fairest, as chosen by our staff.

Princess and the Frog Father’s Day 2021

Before getting hitched to Prince Naveen, the main man in Tiana’s heart was her loving dad James. He worked long and hard not just to provide for his daughter, but to nurture her dreams. The Princess and the Frog Father’s Day 2021 pin represents the beautiful bond that parent and child shared. Little Tiana, despite her dress, does not know that she will someday become a princess. James, holding her close with a mile-wide smile, treats her like one anyway.

Enchanted Emblems Aurora Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, is largely remembered for a single action in her story. The Enchanted Emblems Aurora Sleeping Beauty pin captures the moment in a faithful recreation. One side shows Aurora as she makes the fateful choice to prick the needle of Maleficent’s enchanted spinning wheel. The other renders the full instrument in gold, ringed with the words that the Mistress of All Evil uttered when she cursed the princess. It’s dramatic, definitely, but it’s also pretty and stylish.

Young Anna Elsa and Olaf

You know we had to mention Frozen at some point. It gave the world two Disney princesses in one story! Sure, Elsa is crowned queen early on, but the Young Anna Elsa and Olaf pin shows the sibling duo as wide-eyed child princesses. Dressed in their PJs and knees down on a bed of magically conjured snow, they build a snowman together. Anna gives their creation, Olaf, a big hug while Elsa smiles. In this magical moment, nothing could tear this sisterhood apart.

Belle Tiara

The most iconic characters can be recognized even without their bodies and faces. All you need are some familiar images and symbols. Case in point: the Belle Tiara pin. You don’t see the beauty from Beauty and the Beast wearing it, but you can picture it in your head because it fits her aesthetic. The sparkling yellow gems match her dress from the famed ballroom scene. The rose flowing from the center, plucked right from the story, represents how her love saved her prince’s life.

Piece of Disney Movies Little Mermaid Ariel

The Piece of Disney Movies limited pin series gave collectors more than another piece of enamel. Each one is unique because each one frames an authentic cel snipped from a film print. Piece of Disney Movies Little Mermaid Ariel pins would make for extraordinary gifts to fans of The Little Mermaid, Disney, and animation in general. Only 2000 exist, and each one is different, so snap it up before someone else does.

Disney Princess Pins at Your WDW Store

You can’t spell “princess” without “pin,” so rest assured that there are many more Disney princess pins out there than the ones spotlighted above. Your WDW Store is home to all these and more. No matter which royal is your favorite, you’ll find what you’re looking for at our online shop.