Disney Signs: 5 Favorite Decorations Picked by Our Staff

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Decorative Disney Signs


Are you a teacher who thinks your students would be inspired by Disney art? Are you a pediatrician who wants children to see friendly faces when they enter your office? Or are you just a fan with a barren room that needs decorating? No matter what, Disney signs can add life to your walls. If you need some recommendations, here are some of our personal favorites.

Hannah Montana Rock Stars Only

Have you ever chilled it out, taken it slow, and rocked out to the show Hannah Montana? You can kick it like it’s 2006 with the Hannah Montana Rock Stars Only poster. It’s meant to be hung from your door, with a smiley Miley Cyrus blocking anyone who isn’t on her level or yours. As of this writing, we only have one left in stock, so get this authentic, Disney Parks-exclusive door sign while you can.

Tony Harris Evening Constitutional Artist Print

We have a ton of artist prints here from an array of creative minds. Each one brings their own flavor to familiar Disney iconography. A great example of that is the Tony Harris Evening Constitutional artist print, painted for the Haunted Mansion’s 45th anniversary. Harris renders this collage of characters with ghastly greens and bursts of illumination. Just as the mansion claims to make you one of its haunts, you can take a piece of the Mansion home with you.

Great Movie Ride Wall Sign

Even years after its closing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Great Movie Ride remains a beloved attraction for those who remember. Your home or office decorations can get a touch of movie magic with the Great Movie Ride wall sign. It may be made of wood rather than neon, but it perfectly replicates the classic logo, complete with the tagline. Fans of Disney Parks and the movies may appreciate receiving this sign as a gift.

Star Wars Yoda Height Requirement

The Star Wars Yoda Height Requirement door sign is another amusingly discouraging decoration, aimed at those who are not tall enough for your liking. We suggest posting it as far above the floor as possible. Is it simply a humorous subversion of the Jedi Master’s “judge me not by my size” philosophy? Is it revenge for all the times you could not ride Space Mountain because you were half an inch shy of the minimum? We leave that up to you.

Doug Bolly Believe and Soar

Few stories are more inspirational and visually potent than Disney’s Dumbo. This makes it a great source for inspirational posters, of the sort you often find in offices. Doug Bolly’s Believe and Soar artist print combines the two with awesome results. Timothy Mouse, the most ardent supporter of the big-eared baby, gazes at his flying friend in awe. Dumbo himself seems just as surprised and thrilled. Hang it up and perhaps you, too, could believe and soar.

Disney Signs at Your WDW Store

These great prints and posters represent only five of the over 550 different Disney signs on sale here at Your WDW Store. When you want to decorate your room Disney-style, feel free to stop by and see what we have to offer.