Staff Picks, Art Edition: Our Favorite Disney Sketches

Have you heard about Disney artist sketches? For a fee, you can request that a genuine Disney artist produce a drawing in their own style. Each one is one-of-a-kind, but in all cases, you choose the theme from a variety of options. We’ve ordered plenty of Disney sketches for ourselves, and we’ll share our staff picks for our favorite such themes.

Donald Duck as Three Caballeros

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of The Three Caballeros here at Your WDW Store. That’s why we couldn’t resist getting the Donald Duck as Three Caballeros sketch, showing the three happy chappies with their snappy serapes. Donald, Joe Carioca, and Panchito’s collective verve is contagious. Just one look can brighten your day.

Tinker Bell Claus

Disney sketches can serve as wonderful gifts for Disney fans, so it only makes sense that several have a Yuletide theme. Tinker Bell Claus is a delightful example, with everyone’s favorite fairy sporting a cute wool-lined outfit. You can get it with even more holiday magic if you choose the Monica Willis option. This sketch artist is fond of imbuing her drawings with a nice helping of pixie dust — perfect for this design.

Frozen Anna and Elsa Close-Up Face-to-Face

The climax of Frozen is one of the most emotionally charged in any Disney flick, which makes the resolution even more cathartic. This triumphant scene of sisterly love is beautifully captured in the Frozen Anna and Elsa Close-Up Face-to-Face sketch. You get both Anna and Elsa with this design, because they’ll never be separated again. (At least, not until the sequel.)

Alien Stitch Angry

Who doesn’t love Stitch? The cuddly alien is among the most popular subjects for Disney sketches, which means his fans can choose from quite a few different designs. For our money, Alien Stitch Angry is a standout. It shows the little guy in a fighting stance, two fists raised and another two hands ready to grapple. Even his most furious facial expression is adorable and amusing.

Jessica Rabbit Saint Patrick’s Day

With most Disney sketches available on our store, you pay for an artist to make a brand-new drawing just for you. Our offering of Jessica Rabbit Saint Patrick’s Day is different: this one is already completed. Disney artist Gene Gonda created 50 drawings of the toon starlet in shamrock adornment for the company’s 2018 holiday celebration. You can get #32 of the series for yourself right at our store.

Your Character Choice

Do none of the options on our store selection feature your favorite characters? If you click Your Character Choice, you can submit your own request! Don’t be shy about asking for less heavily merchandised characters. Just keep in mind that if you ask for two or more figures, they must be from the same movie. Adding characters, colors, and a personal message all cost extra.

Disney Sketches at Your WDW Store

If you’re interested in ordering your own unique Disney sketches, Your WDW Store can forward your request straight to the artists. Browse our selection of over 70 charming themes, including all the ones listed above, and pick the one you want. We hope they bring you as much joy as they bring us.