Staff Picks, July 2021: Best Disney Clothing for Women

Regular readers know how much we love sharing our recommendations for assorted Disney merchandise. Sometimes, though, we look back and wish we could’ve put certain other items instead. Other times, The Disney Company comes out with new products that make us want to overhaul our old lists.

Moving forward, we’d like to make these lists into regular series, with each installment reflecting our present moment and current mood. Let’s start with our July 2021 staff picks of Disney clothing for women.

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2021 Logo Tank Top

You could hardly get more July 2021 than the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2021 Logo tank top. This soft shirt is made from 100% cotton and features wide arm holes. These features make it perfect for outdoor summer activities — such as, say, snacking on gourmet meals from around the world at a certain Disney Park. Speaking of which, this top is normally only available at Walt Disney World, but you can get it at our store before your trip.

Cruella de Vil Cocktail Dress

This past May saw the release of Cruella, which stars a younger version of Disney’s notorious dog-hating fashionista. Fans who enjoyed her protagonist turn and her many colorful outfits can crash their next party in the Cruella de Vil Cocktail Dress. It’s as stylish as any Disney clothing for women from the Dress Shop Collection. We should note that it isn’t made from real Dalmatian skin, but it looks and feels authentic enough that your guests will talk. Let them talk.

Minnie Mouse Blue Skirted Swimsuit

Haven’t you heard? It’s Hot People Summer! As more people get their COVID-19 vaccines and gradually re-emerge from quarantine, many will return to their favorite beaches, pools, and grottos. If you feel safe and prepared, why not take a dip in the Minnie Mouse Blue Skirted Swimsuit? The sunglass-sporting mascot’s face is tucked away in a corner of the skirt, so it doesn’t distract from the outfit’s beautiful ocean-blue stripe patterns. Other features include halter-style straps, ruched sides, and built-in cups.

High School Musical Shorts

How many of us have yearned to dance down the halls of East High School, living out our teen years as a Disney Channel musical? You can get your head in the game with these High School Musical Shorts, which boldly sport the Wildcats symbol. The balanced polyester/rayon material and elastic waistband will make the pants feel comfortable. You can totally wear them while playing basketball, cheerleading, doing choreographed pirouettes on a theater stage, or generally bop-bop-bop-bopping to the top.

Disney Clothing for Women at Your WDW Store

These aforementioned articles are just four pieces from our massive catalog of Disney clothing for women. You can found over 1600 other shirts, jackets, pants, swimsuits, shoes, hats, and more outfits and accessories at Your WDW Store. Many of our items are otherwise exclusive to the Parks, and quite a few are rare limited releases. All of them are stylish, comfortable, and full of character. If you can’t wait for our next set of recommendations, feel free to explore our collection on your own.