Staff Picks July 2021: Best Toddler Clothes & Baby Clothes

We’ve quite enjoyed writing our first round of “staff picks” blog posts. Our team members have shared their choices for the best Disney women’s clothing and the best children’s Disney clothing. Now, for all the new parents out there, we’re eager to list our current favorite toddler clothes and baby clothes from the Mouse House.

Winnie the Pooh Baby Costume Bodysuit

Infants may not be ready to dress in full princess regalia like their older siblings, but you can still dress them as their favorite characters. Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Baby Costume Bodysuit may be the most adorable example. It covers the arms and body in yellow, but leaves the legs open with a single row of snaps for easy diaper-changing. The cute parts are the top-layer T-shirt (helpfully labeled) and the knit cap with Pooh’s eyes and ears.

Minnie Mouse Infant Socks

Tiny socks protect tiny toes from getting cold. Babies may not always appreciate this footwear, but they might be less likely to toss these Minnie Mouse Infant Socks aside. With their 100% cotton construction, they make for a comfortable fit on most little feet. They also feature a precious image of an infant Minnie Mouse, who hasn’t quite grown into her signature bow yet. Best of all, ordering this product from our site will get you two pairs.

“Judge Me By My Size, You Do?” Yoda Toddler Shirt

Big things come in small packages. This proverb is especially true for kids, who are capable of far more wonder and far bigger messes than their size may imply. The “Judge Me By My Size, You Do?” Yoda Toddler Shirt is perfect for any little kid. It features the pint-sized powerhouse from the Star Wars films, alongside his famous catchphrase about the folly of underestimation. The tee can serve as a tribute to the potential of children — and as a warning.

Royal Princess Pink Baby Bib

The Royal Princess Pink Baby Bib doesn’t seem like an example of Disney toddler clothes and baby clothes. That Union Jack-inspired design and the “Royal Princess” text seem like something you could find at a gift shop near Buckingham Palace. In fact, you can only find it at the England Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase — as well as our store. We sell many items exclusive only to the Disney Parks, making it easier to give your own little princess the royal treatment.

Na’vi Costume Baby Romper

Arguably the zestiest piece of merchandise in our large selection of toddler clothes and baby clothes is the Na’vi Costume Baby Romper. Inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar, this outfit can put your child inside an Avatar body without the need for mind-transferring sci-fi technology. If your little one yearns to run, leap, and fly through the powerfully immersive and enchanting world of Pandora, this costume can spark their imagination.

Toddler Clothes & Baby Clothes at Your WDW Store

These five pieces of apparel represent a fraction of Your WDW Store’s massive inventory of toddler clothes and baby clothes. If you and your child love Disney, you can find scores of comfortable outfits featuring beloved characters.