A Starter Guide to Britto Disney Figurines


If you don’t recognize the name of Romero Britto, you likely recognize his art style. The Brazilian-born painter/sculptor’s distinct combination of cubist construction, vibrant colors, and minimal cuteness has won him fans all over the world. The poppy and adorable aesthetic also perfectly complements Disney, which naturally led to a collaboration. This article showcases some of the best Britto Disney figurines in the collection.

Sorcerer Mickey Big Figure

The Sorcerer Mickey Big Figure, 14 inches tall, is both quintessential Disney and quintessential Britto. Just look at the wizard cap: half is the traditional stars and moons on mystic blue, half is lime-green polka dots on sea green. Mickey’s apprentice robe is similarly mish-mashed, as if sewn together from multiple fabrics with different patterns. The cherry on top is the bead strings and giant hybrid heart emerging from the cap — flourishes of Britto magic.

Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland and its characters are already colorful and bizarre enough without Britto’s touch. Would you expect his Cheshire Cat figurine to be anything less than a bona fide oddity? The artist likes to cut his subjects into sections and create intentional clashes of colors and patterns. Naturally, he makes the most of the far-out feline’s stripes. The best part is the design of the sculpture, featuring the cat lifting his own disembodied head with no small pride.

Belle’s Rose

The natural world inspires artists all the time, and Romero Britto is no exception. Many of his works are based on flowers, including Belle’s Rose. From one side, it looks like a psychedelic rose blossom. Turn it around and you’ll find Belle of Beauty and the Beast, with a beautiful smile and some unusual highlights. This glossy work is part of a special line of Britto Disney figurines that impose popular characters onto associated symbols with delightful results.

Saludos Amigos Joe Carioca

Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros are beloved among Disney fans in South America. It’s only fitting that one of Brazil’s most famous artist would make a sculpture depicting Rio de Janeiro’s own Joe Carioca. The easygoing parrot has a party side, and the Saludos Amigos Joe Carioca figure portrays him at his liveliest. The patterns and colors seem even more jumbled and jubilant than ever, perhaps reflecting the artist’s passion for this homeland hero.

Lion King Simba Mini

Some Britto Disney figurines are relatively tall statues that tower over a foot off the ground. Others are just under three inches in height. One glance at the Lion King Simba mini shows that the artist is able to cram just as much detail into these smaller figures. Note the scribbles on Simba’s foreleg, the elaborate alternation of patterns in his makeshift mane, the brown bands across his face. Like the young prince, it’s a ton of style in a small package.

Britto Disney Figurines at Your WDW Store

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