Looking for a New Disney Bracelet? The Best Disney Bracelets of 2020

Disney is one of the most popular and influential brands around the world, and why wouldn't it be? For decades before it became a $164 billion goliath, Walt Disney studios took pride in providing magical adventures and beloved stories to people of all ages.

If you love Disney's fantastical tales as much as most people do, you may be looking for a new Disney bracelet to show off your love for your favorite characters. There are so many options that it can get overwhelming, but don't fret! Here, we're going to talk about some of the best styles of Disney bracelets that you and your children will both love to wear.

Mickey Mouse Initial Bracelet

The Mickey Mouse initial bracelet is one of the most interesting and unique jewelry items that Disney has to offer. The bracelet itself is a simple silver chain that features the shape of the Mickey Mouse icon. You can attach any letter of your choosing as a charm, so choose the first letter of your name and roll with it!

Your initial will also feature cubic zirconia accents that make it shimmer in the sunlight. What could be more magical than that?

Mickey Icon and Heart Wrap

If you're a fan of simplicity and don't like to be too flashy, the Mickey icon and heart wrap is the perfect accessory for you.

This bracelet is a simple silver band that wraps around your wrist. One end features the Mickey icon and the other end features a glimmering red heart made from Swarovski crystals. You're sure to love the sleek, classy look that it brings to your personal style and the way that it goes with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Mickey Snowflake Disney Bracelet

While citing winter as your favorite season makes you rare, it also makes you lucky. You get to experience a magical season that other people overlook simply because of a little cold.

If you want to show off your love for the winter aesthetic while expressing your Disney-loving spirit, a Mickey snowflake bracelet is the perfect option for you. This bracelet is made with small silver snowflake charms, Mickey Mouse logo shapes, and clear ice-like crystals. It's sure to look amazing when it encircles your wrist, and it's only online for a limited time!

Shamrock Mickey Icons Bracelet

If you're not a winter person, there's no need to worry- Disney makes items for lovers of all seasons!

If you love springtime and want to add a little luck to your life, the Shamrock Mickey icons bracelet might be the accessory for you. With beads in various shades of green and small shamrock charms hanging beside Mickey Mouse logos, this bracelet is sure to become your lucky charm in no time at all!

Let a Little Magic Into Your Life

Now that you know some of the best limited-edition Disney bracelets that we have to offer, it's time to check out our online jewelry shop. Here, you'll find more bracelet styles that you can browse before deciding which one is right for you. Whether you love Mickey Mouse or princesses like Mulan and Jasmine, there's something on this page that you're sure to love!