The Best and Most Popular Disney Toys for Boys

As of last year, Disney is officially the largest media powerhouse in the world.

Odds are, if you have children, they are obsessed with a Disney character or two. This makes a Disney-themed gift, a great idea if you don't know what else to buy your loved one. Nothing brings a child more joy than Disney!

If you're looking for Disney toys for boys, you have many options. Keep reading for the best and most popular Disney toys.

Droid Factory Figure Set

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was one of 2019's most popular movies. If you have a boy who loves Disney, odds are they're currently obsessed with this movie. Any toy related to this film is bound to be a great gift, but especially anything featuring the lovable droids.

This Disney Droid Factory Figure Set features D-O, R5-2JE, R6-LE5, and R2-SHP figures. With these droids, your loved one can join Rey and help fight for the rebellion. Or, they can choose to join the dark side and fight along with Kylo Ren.

Disney Movie Puzzle

Interested in buying a toy that you can help play with? Consider purchasing a Disney-themed puzzle for fun, quality time.

Find a puzzle themed after their favorite movie or character. For example, if your boy loves the movie Up, they would enjoy this Carl and Ellie puzzle. This is a 1,000 piece, two-sided puzzle — which allows for double the fun and a little bit of a challenge.

Character Plushes

Plushies make great Mickey Mouse toys for toddlers or fans of any age. If your boy is attached to a certain character, gifting them a plushie will bring joy to their eyes. They'll get to carry around and snuggle they characters they've fallen in love with through the TV.

Fans of Winnie the Pooh will love this Tigger plush magnet. If they're young, you place the magnet somewhere they'll often see it, like above their bed. If they're a little older, they can proudly display their magnet in their locker at school.

Another fun option is the Disney Babies Plush line. These characters come in their baby form, complete with a blanket pouch!

Disney Racers

If your loved one is a fan of vehicles and Star Wars, consider gifting them a toy that includes both interests. Disney Racer sets include three die-cast metal cars for hours of fun and imagination.

This Disney Racer set features Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett. Help your loved one set up a race track on the planet of Tatooine or Naboo. Then, officiate a race and see which dark side driver will claim first place.

Find the Perfect Disney Toys for Boys

If you're shopping for Disney toys for boys, any of the above options are sure to be a hit.

If your boy loves Star Wars, consider buying them a droid factory set or Disney racers. If you're looking for more traditional Mickey Mouse toys, opt for a puzzle or plush toy.

Looking for a specific Disney-themed gift? Browse our complete collection of toys. Of, buy a gift certificate for your loved one so they can have the fun of picking out their own Disney toys.