EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

Welcome to EPCOT International Festival of the Arts - 2023

Since 2017, Walt Disney World has been the home to the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, and by all measurements and standards, it has been an awesome hit. With Disney artists showing off their artistic renditions, to great merchandise, and even better cuisine, this fan favorite has become an annual go-to event. Nowhere else in the world can one find a vaster array of Disney artists showing off their most recent wares. Characters and art vary from one artist to another, not to mention their styles and mediums as well. Mickey Mouse and his pals, iconic and memorable, adorn a huge array of items, as do a number of other Disney Intellectual Properties. Always enchanting, the Disney Princesses are a big hit, as well as the oft-times dastardly but most often misunderstood, Disney Villains... No matter what your personal tastes are, or what tickles your fancy, there is such a huge selection of magic and celebration that almost any person, of any age, will find something to delight them.

Some come for the art, some come for something more...

Since the very first FOA, hosted way back in the year 2017, the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts has been providing some of the most fantastic items for people to enjoy. 

Some come for the Art. I'm talking original paintings, works of art that can sometimes cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars. Take for instance, the giant "remnant" painting of The Beast, from the Disney Animated Classic; Beauty and the Beast. The painting was created by Greg McCullough a few years back, sold for more than TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. That is, by definition in my book, fine art. I find myself honored in mentioning Greg. He is an absolute amazing artist and a real asset to the Disney Artist line-up, and I consider him one of my favorite artists of all time. You can find Greg's artwork and more at his website, https://www.artifix.com

Now, if you're not looking to drop a couple thousand dollars on fine art, oil paintings, framed pieces that take up an entire wall in your great-room, then there are smaller pieces to purchase as well. Most artists have smaller prints available in sizes from 16x20, 14x18, 14x11, all the way down to 8x10 (inches). Take Jasmine Becket-Griffith for example. She has two new pieces, which can be found for sale on our website. The first is a 14x18 featuring Minnie Mouse and aptly called; Artist Minnie. The second features Jasmine from the Disney Animated Blockbuster movie; Aladdin. That one is appropriately called Jasmine and the Hourglass. Both of these pieces are supremely made, undeniably in Jasmine's artistic form, and are now part of her prized collection of pieces. You can find more of Jasmine's artwork at https://strangeling.com

The Merchandise.

In addition to the fine art, prints, and the vast array of food and drink, comes the merchandise.

Figment has been the official/unofficial mascot of the Annual Festival of the Arts Celebrations since it's inception, and can be found on many of the collectibles and souvenirs, commemorating the event. Adorning everything from Spirit Jerseys to drinkware. Figment along with the Festival of the Arts Logo can be found on most event items as well, including the drink cup this year. If you're looking for anything as a special gift for that special someone, please be sure to check out our vast selection of FOA 2023 merchandise, found here.

The Food.

Now, if Art isn't necessarily your thing, then you might find the food the most alluring aspect of the festival. EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, isn't just about the art. It's about the atmosphere. The Ambiance. The feel for it.. or in some cases, the taste! In recent years it was decided that another popular EPCOT Festival would spill over into every other festival at EPCOT. Hence forth and from that day on, Great Food and Fine Dining have become synonymous with the Festival of the Arts. Visitors can find a number of small buildings, "kiosks" if you will, in every pavilion in the EPCOT World Showcase. Each spot features unique drinks, foods, treats and desserts from all around the world. The portions aren't overwhelming, each one is richly deserving of praise in it's own unique and special way, and while some staple items come back year after year, others are a one season delicacy. You'll never know what you might find, but at the same time, you're sure to find something amazing.