Packing for Disney!

Recently, this blog covered advice on what Disney apparel and Disney shoes you should pack when planning your vacation to Walt Disney World. For the third edition in this series, we felt that we should talk about something we repeatedly mentioned but did not discuss: the luggage itself. Here is some Disney luggage advice, focusing on how to pack and what to pack.

Leave Room for Souvenirs

When you get started on travel prep, your first instinct may be to optimize all available space in your luggage. You might choose the smallest suitcase and carry-ons that can hold all the essentials. You might proceed to stuff them with clothes, bath supplies, and assorted goodies until the thing can only barely shut.

We understand the reasons for this approach, but we have one good reason to advise against it: what if you want to take something home? Disney World and the Disney Parks offer a massive assortment of wonderful souvenirs. If you want mementos, especially for your children, then you need to set aside some space in advance. It may feel wasteful, but planning for the future like that can save you some trouble.

Keep the Park Rules in Mind

Guests can bring personal items and bags into the parks at Walt Disney World, but they must follow certain rules. For example, no glass items are allowed other than small containers for baby food. On that note, you can bring outside food and drinks, but you must let the security staff at the entrance know before you enter.

Most importantly, only bags and coolers of a certain size are allowed within the park. The maximums are 24 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 18 inches in height. These limitations are for the convenience of your fellow guests, who have to bump against you in lines and crowds.

Some parks have rules exclusive to their property. Do you ever wonder why you cannot buy Mickey-shaped balloons at Animal Kingdom, or why that park only offers paper straws? Plastic straws are forbidden within the gates of the theme park, for the safety of the animals.

Bring a Few Essentials

In our previous blog post about Walt Disney World travel tips, we mentioned that water bottles (or other reusable containers) and rain gear are must-haves for Florida’s tropical weather. However, you can find room in your backpack for more items that can make a visit to the parks easier and more convenient. First off, and relevant to any discussion of Florida weather, is sunscreen. They do not call it the Sunshine State for nothing, and much of your day will be spent outdoors.

Secondly, hand sanitizer is very important if you want to lower your chances of getting sick. The four parks at Walt Disney World are among the most visited theme parks on the planet. Thousands of people touch every surface every day, leaving a lot of germs. While we are talking about health, a few first aid supplies never hurt, especially if you have some rambunctious kids. Pills for headaches and sniffles can really help, and bandage strips can come in handy.

Lastly, Disney sells portable chargers, but they are special products that cost a lot of money and can only be refilled within the resort. Do yourself a favor and get your own portable charger beforehand, so you have plenty of juice for taking pictures.

Disney Luggage and Other Merchandise

You need to bring luggage with you on vacation. If your next trip is to Disney World, why not use themed Disney luggage and travel gear? Your WDW Store offers many delightful suitcases, bags, and totes featuring your favorite characters. We also have bag tags, passport holders, organizers, containers, and even travel pillows and blankets based on Disney movies and shows. With all of these high-quality items, you can take your love of Disney anywhere you go.