Upgrading to the Best Disney-Themed Tech Accessories

Between our smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices, many of us rely on computer technology for work and everyday life. A wide array of tech accessories can make the experience more convenient and enjoyable. You likely own a few already, but did you know that you can find plenty with a Disney theme? Here are a few of our personal favorites, putting the “fun” in “functionality.”

  • Han Solo in Carbonite iPhone XS Case

We’ve seen the iconic and harrowing image of Han Solo, the scruffy-looking Star Wars hero, entombed in carbonite with a frozen scream. Who would’ve thought the rectangular slab would make such a good iPhone XS case? You can hold it up and say, in your best Jabba the Hutt voice, “Solo bolkubok-u-chala!”

  • “World of Cute” Customized Phone Case

Everyone wants a phone case that stands apart from the rest. That’s why Disney offers customized phone cases like this one for various Apple and Samsung models. In addition to featuring the wonderful chibi artwork “World of Cute” by Jerrod Maruyama, you can get your name etched onto the case.

  • Graffiti Mickey Mouse iPad Tablet Case

Tablets have really found their niche among aspiring artists, who take advantage of the enlarged screens to create detailed, elaborate illustrations. The Graffiti Mickey Mouse iPad tablet case can be a great gift for an artsy, Disney-loving friend. It’s sturdy and highly stylish, and it doesn’t get in the way at all.

  • Doc McStuffins Multimedia Stylus

Doc McStuffins treats her toys with the gentlest care. You can provide that same level of care to your electronics with the Doc McStuffins Multimedia Stylus. This product can’t be found anywhere outside of the Disney Parks, but we have it. If you get it, you’ll even receive a Bonus App redemption card.

  • Frozen Cool Tunes Headphones

If your kids still want to hear “Let It Go” and “Into the Unknown” all the time, you can get them Frozen Cool Tunes Headphones. That way, they can hear it on their own, while you give yourself the gift of silence. Better still, these headphones are designed with reduced volume, giving extra protection to young ears.

  • The Child Disney PopGrip

Everyone loves The Child — the toddling, Force-using, frog-eating breakout star of The Mandalorian. Everyone also loves PopGrips — you know, those things that you stick onto your phone case so they prop up your phone. The Child Disney PopGrip, made in collaboration with PopSockets, combines both these joys into one product.

  • Disney Minnie Mouse Mini Speaker

Why settle for a run-of-the-mill mini speaker when you could have a Minnie speaker? It works as well as any other speaker, and it comes with plug-and-play capabilities, audio cables, and a rechargeable battery. More importantly and amusingly, it comes with Minnie Mouse’s ears, bow, polka-dot dress, and heels.

Tech Accessories at Your WDW Store

Tech accessories can be bland and generic, but all the Disney products mentioned above show that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find all of them and more exciting tech accessories right here at Your WDW Store. Our collection features goodies that can otherwise only be found in the Disney Parks. Save yourself the trip and finding something that is both fun and functional on our site.