What are Precious Moments Dolls Worth?

Pogs. Cabbage Patch Kids. Pokémon cards. Beanie Babies. All these goodies spawned once massive crazes, and collectors still pay top dollar for the rarest of the bunch. Disney fans are no stranger to this hobby, spending a great deal of money to scoop pins and Vinylmation figurines.

Are you aware, though, that Precious Moments dolls are another major example? The cute statuettes that your parents and grandparents once adored may be more valuable than you know. If you have a few lying around, you just might benefit from reading on.

The Precious Moments Craze

Samuel J. Butcher had been illustrating children with distinct teardrop-shaped eyes for years before a sculptor brought one of his drawings to life in 1978. The first wave, now known as “The Original 21,” came out that year. Each year brought between 20 and 40 new statues, and collecting them briefly became a fad.

Even though the trend has long since subsided, new Precious Moments dolls come out every year. They still have their fans, drawn to their cute designs, portrayals of childhood, and Christian messaging. And with over four decades’ worth of dolls, you can surely find one that tugs at your heartstrings.

Determining Value

The latest Precious Moments dolls run mostly in the $40-$60 range, though they can be as cheap as $12.50 and as expensive as $150. Older ones, though, can go for hundreds on auction sites. To know when your figurines were made, check under the base for a symbol. Each year after 1980 has its own.

In addition to age, few factors can drive up the price that collectors may pay. Mint or good-as-new condition is ideal. Retired designs are harder to find and therefore worth more. Statuettes from limited runs are rarer still.

The Original 21 can fetch hundreds, especially because Precious Moments, Inc. only continues to produce one design. In 2017, Today quoted one collector as saying that one particular figurine, “God Loveth a Cheerful Giver,” could be worth up to $2000. Not bad at all for something that was probably only worth a few bucks back in its day.

Precious Moments Dolls Themed to Disney

If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with Disney collectors, wonder no more. The company partners with Precious Moments, Inc. to produce dolls based on their characters. If you are interested in starting your own collection, here are a few worth checking out:

  • Dumbo “Don’t Just Fly … Soar!”: This beaming child with the Dumbo plush and matching hat represents the magic of childhood. She doesn’t need to have seen a flying elephant to believe it or find joy in the idea.
  • Light Up LED Tinker Bell Statue: Even Disney characters can get the Precious Moments treatment. Peter Pan’s sassy fairy friend shows a softer side in this figurine, which is more magical than most with its light-up feature.
  • 101 Dalmatians “Missed a Spot”: Not all Disney-themed Precious Moments dolls feature Sam Butcher’s trademark style. Some, like this adorable puppy, are faithful to the animated classics that inspired them — while still being just as heartwarming and cute.

You can find even more Precious Moments dolls featuring all your favorite Disney characters at Your WDW Store. Even if they aren’t worth much from a collector’s standpoint, they may be invaluable just for the joy they can bring.