What Happened to Disney Vinylmation?

In our previous blog post, we mentioned Disney Vinylmation as an example of collectibles that inspired crazes. Upon further thought, we realized that these figures were more than deserving of their own article. After all, they were and still are part of many Disney fans’ lives — especially those who possess several, or even several dozen. Here’s the full scoop on the memorable line of Mickey-shaped collectibles from the Mouse House.

What is Vinylmation?

In case you missed out on the trend, Disney Vinylmation is a series of figures based on a simple idea. Unlike previous lines of this sort, every creation is basically the same shape: a stubby Mickey (and, eventually, Minnie) Mouse model. The standardized design gives artists a blank canvas on which they can paint pretty much anything.

You can find hundreds, maybe even thousands of different Vinylmation figures out there. Many depict timeless characters from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, The Muppets, and more. More creative examples center on theme park attractions. Plenty, of course, feature fun takes on Mickey Mouse himself.


Upon its introduction, Disney would release new Vinylmation figures every week or so. That alone gave collectors plenty of reason to pursue them. More addicting, though, was the element of surprise. The boxes gave little to no hint of their contents, instead asking, “Which Did You Get?” Naturally, fans felt compelled to risk getting duplicates for the chance of getting the one they really wanted.

All trends reach their peak and fade. The rise of other similarly uniform collectibles, like the ubiquitous Funko Pop figures, may have hastened the fall of Vinylmania. Even so, new ones still come out, albeit with less frequency. Many enthusiasts and more casual Disney fans still enjoy the figures they already have.

A Few Staff Picks

Naturally, Your WDW Store’s team members share an affinity for Disney Vinylmation. We couldn’t resist sharing our own favorites in an article like this. Here are just a few of our fave figures.

  • Figment Epcot 30th Anniversary: The mononymous artist Noah commemorated three decades of Epcot magic with this rare, gorgeously painted 9” statuette. His depiction of the park’s smiling mascot in a starry mist beautifully captures Epcot’s unique spirit.
  • Fantasia Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus: Fans of Walt Disney’s magnum opus, or of dinosaurs in general, will appreciate this iconic pair based on the “Rite of Spring” sequence. They even have spines and tails painted on the back.
  • Urban 5 Creature with Creature: Part of the “Urban 5” series based on graffiti art and street styles, this duo includes a 9” giant splattered with colorful ghosts. It also comes with a yellow, bigmouthed 3” buddy. It reminds me of something …
  • Sea Creatures Jellyfish: For proof of the sheer creativity one can encounter in Vinylmation, look no further than their sea creatures series. You won’t find any IPs here — just gorgeous depictions of marine animals, like this brilliant jellyfish.

These are just four out of the hundreds of different Disney Vinylmation figures available on Your WDW Store. If you want to start your own collection or just find the one perfect gift, feel free to browse our amazing selection.