What is D-Tech on Demand?

Walt Disney was a champion of technology. Under his leadership, the studio pioneered new animation techniques and machines. When the company pivoted to theme park experiences, the engineers proved to be such imaginative innovators that they gave themselves a new name. Even today, long after the man’s passing, The Disney Company commits to that inventive spirit.

This passion for the most cutting-edge tech of today permeates almost everything to do with Disney. For example, Walt likely never dreamed that we would all carry supercomputers in our pockets at practically all times. Now, theme park visitors can accessorize their gadgets with help from D-Tech on Demand, a new addition to the Disney experience.

About D-Tech on Demand

To understand D-Tech on Demand, think about those cell phone case kiosks you see at the mall. Those conventional stalls probably carry some Disney merch. However, the designs are usually basic, and they only constitute a minority of the stand’s line-up.

D-Tech on Demand is the Disney Parks version of that concept, upsizing it into a fun and rewarding shopping experience. To be precise, it is a special boutique that can outfit park guests with all kinds of customizable goods. Most of them are electronic, or at least designed to complement your electronics.

The most famous items are, in fact, their phone cases. At the boutique, you can pick the model that matches your phone. Then, you can browse through hundreds of cool and creative designs based on all things Disney. You can truly personalize your case, not just by choosing your favorite Disney-based design, but also by adding your name to it.

A wide variety of tech accessories are also available for customization as well. They include fridge magnets, buttons, laptop bags, speakers, chargers, MagicBands, and more. No matter which you choose, you will receive access to a huge design library, including high-end and unusual Disney-themed artwork from the enchanting Wonderground Gallery.

Where Can I Get Them?

The Disney Parks on both coasts are home to their own D-Tech on Demand locations. If you can make your way to Anaheim, California or Orlando, Florida, there are multiple spots where you can discover the thrill for yourself:

  • D-Tech on Demand premiered in Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs shopping center, within the Marketplace Co-Op.
  • At the Disneyland Resort, you can get cell phone cases from D Street at the Downtown Disney District.
  • Customizable fridge magnets are within your reach at Tomorrowland’s own Star Wars Launch Bay.

If you cannot make your way to the Parks, then we have you covered. Here at Your WDW Store, you can find hundreds of items that you can’t usually find outside of the resorts. That includes a massive collection of MagicBand bracelets, bearing dozens of designs from D-Tech on Demand. Dedicated fans can get their own, or their loved ones can buy them as the perfect gift for them. If you want to see what it’s all like for yourself, check out our great selection and place an order with us today!