What is the Value of Disney Art Print Signs?

$40,000 for a matched pair of Mickey and Minnie “Old King Cole” animated window displays. $25,000 for a vintage Mickey doll signed by Walt Disney himself. $7,000 for a headboard from a Disney hotel room. People will pay big bucks at auction for old-school merchandise. The same may go for your Disney art print signs, as we’ll elucidate below.

What are Disney Art Print Signs?

When we talk about Disney art print signs, we’re not talking about authentic animation cels or official movie posters. We’re talking about the artwork that Disney has inspired. These professional works are often commissioned by the Mouse House, but artists may also create (and sell) them because they enjoyed it.

For reference, this is the kind of art you might see hanging at the Wonderground Gallery. Thomas Kinkade’s pastoral paintings are among the most well-known examples. There are also ARCY and his street-art splatter backgrounds, Jasmine Becket-Griffith and her big-eyed princesses, Jerrod Maruyama and his chibi cuties, and many more.

How Much Could You Earn for Them?

If you were hoping for an exact number of dollars your Disney art print signs may be worth, we are sorry to disappoint. The value really would vary based on a few different factors. Some are apparent on the artwork itself, while others may require a little more research. If you wish to auction any prints you own, consider the following before setting a price:

  • Original or reproduction? The latter is much more common and involved no artistic process whatsoever, so it’s basically worthless. Meanwhile, the former goes for significantly higher prices. If you can’t tell which kind the print you own falls under, it’s likely a reproduction — but not always. Check the texture or take it to an expert.
  • Limited series. Sometimes, artists release a batch of official copies as a limited run, or as part of a special event. They’re more difficult to find, and that rarity alone can make them more valuable than your average print. Check your Disney art print signs for writing on the back that says “#32 of 50,” or something like that. If it comes with a certificate of authenticity, that’s even better.
  • Character popularity. This factor may drive the price up either way, depending on your customer. Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell have legions of fans who may pay top dollar for additions to character-specific collections. If your print’s subject is obscure enough, though, you may attract a patron who wishes for more art of said subject.

If you are keen to get a pricing estimate, you have a few options. Disney fan clubs sometimes host events with dealers who specialize in Disney art, whom you could consult. You could also look up the image online and search for sales and auctions on the print.

Disney Art Print Signs at Your WDW Store

Disney art print signs are potentially quite valuable. If you want them just for the sake of owning them, though, you can find plenty here at Your WDW Store. Who knows? If you hold on to them for long enough, they may gain greater value — either in the marketplace or in your heart.