What to wear on your holiday at Disney World

A trip to Walt Disney World is always special. You can have even more fun by treating it as such and going all-out with your love for Disney. Maybe the easiest, or at least the most visible, way to show your fandom is with your outfit. The merchandise-loving company offers all kinds of themed clothing items, which you can mix and match for unique looks. Here are some tips on the Disney apparel you could wear to the Florida parks.

Dress for Warm Weather

Walt Disney World is located smack in the middle of Florida. The man himself wanted to build it there specifically because of the Sunshine State’s year-round heat. Although you may want to double-check with forecasts, you will likely have to leave your sweaters and scarves at home. Luckily, Disney offers plenty of apparel designed to keep you cool.

You can find T-shirts with all your favorite characters, park attractions, and inside jokes. Baseball caps and other headwear with visors will keep the sun out of your eyes — consider a Goofy hat instead of Mickey-shaped Disney Ears. Alternatively, a light button-up with quirky designs would not look out of place at all in this tropical corner of the country. Whatever you wear, just make sure you also wear sunscreen.

Put On Your Walking Shoes

For you Californians out there, Walt Disney World is a massive resort with far more space than the comparatively cramped Anaheim. Even seasoned Disneyland regulars may find themselves surprised by how much walking they have to do. When picking out your footwear for a Disney World trip, make sure that it is comfortable for your feet and designed for distance.

Of course, you can have fun while keeping comfy by wearing Disney shoes and socks. The company offers sneakers, running shoes, loafers, and even Crocs. Fans of the two water parks, or anyone looking forward to their hotel’s pools and hot tubs, can also put on Disney-themed sandals. Did we mention the socks yet? That department is where things can get really creative.

Be as Extra as You Want

The Disney Parks experience is all about feeling free to be a kid again, no matter your age. Sure, park rules may say that only children can dress in full princess and pirate costumes. Even then, you still have plenty of options for dressing in unique and fun ways that you cannot do in most other situations.

In Disney World, you might get attention, compliments, and even photo ops for wearing a flowing Minnie Mouse dress or traditional Jedi robes. Another option is DisneyBounding — the combination of colorful apparel and accessories into chic outfits based on Disney characters. “Going extra” could also be as simple as wearing a quirky graphic tee or a colorful skirt. Ultimately, you define your Disney World experience and the wardrobe that goes with it.

Disney Apparel and Other Merchandise

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