Why are Pet ID Tags So Important?

People love to imagine all the fun they will have with a new pet. However, many don’t like to think about how keeping one isn’t free. The adoption fee can be hefty on its own. Then there are health necessities, including vaccinations and microchip installation. Of course, you’ll need to buy new food on a regular basis, toys to keep them entertained, and many other useful things.

To cut down on costs, it would be wise to know what goods are and aren’t necessary. This may be easier said than done. Pet ID tags may seem like they fall in the latter, but as we’ll try to show in this article, they can be quite important.

What are Pet ID Tags?

Have you ever seen a dog or a cat bounding around with a small pendant on their collar? If so, then you’ve likely seen a pet ID tag. They may look like cute charms, taking the shape of bones or hearts and bearing colorful designs. However, they have an actual purpose.

Firstly, many bear the name of the pet, so you can properly address it. More importantly, they often feature the phone number or even the home address of the owner. If anyone should ever find the pet away from its owner, they can place a call or even escort it home. Some are cast in engraved metal, while others use resin. Either way, you can add any information you want if it can fit in that space.

Do All Pet Owners Need Them?

Some people may scoff at the idea, believing that they are too responsible to ever need an ID tag for their furry friends. The problem with that assumption is that no one ever plans to lose a pet. No one intends to lose control of a leash. No one intends for their cat to leap over a fence in pursuit of a lizard. Losing a pet is scary in part because it can happen to anyone, without any warning.

In these scenarios, you would be grateful for attaching a pet ID tag on them. Too many pets are mistaken for strays due to a lack of identifying information. This single tiny adornment can give any passersby all the information they need to bring the critter back to you.

How Can I Get One?

Veterinarians may sell you pet ID tags, and they are also available at any place that offers pet supplies. They should all be good enough to get the message across. However, they may all be rather basic in appearance. If you would like to add some character and color to your pet ID tags, Your WDW Store can help.

Our online superstore features an incredible variety of Disney products, including pet ID tags themed to your favorite stories and characters. If you purchase one through us, you can submit the requested text in different lines as part of your order. All of them look good without taking away from the real purpose. If you want to show your Disney love while keeping your pet safe, check out our awesome selection today.