Why You Should Watch Elena of Avalor

They say we’re in the Golden Age of Television, with more great (or at least great-sounding) shows coming out all the time. Disney alone is pumping out so many exciting series that choosing which ones to watch can be genuinely stressful. We’re sure you already have plenty on your watchlist, but we want to make the case for one special show: Elena of Avalor.

What is Elena of Avalor About?

Let’s break down the title into two parts. Avalor is a fantasy world inspired by the cultures and traditions found throughout Latin America. That includes indigenous mythology. Winged, talking jaguars called Jaquins soar over the lush jungle landscape. Spirit animals and ghosts also abound, especially on the Day of the Dead. Yes, there are wizards.

One such sorceress kills Avalor’s king and queen at the beginning of the show, then imprisons their daughter in an amulet. Once freed, Elena becomes the crown princess. With help from the friends and family that form her Grand Council, the teen royal must learn how to rule wisely and fairly.

Journey to Queendom

Learning to become a good leader is certainly easier said than done.  On top of her backstory baggage, Elena can be quite stubborn. She is prone to ignoring sound advice and taking action on her own, which often lands her in hot water. In other words, she is a young person.

Fortunately, Elena has plenty going for her. A magic scepter and a knack for acrobatics both come in handy for fights and escapes. Moreover, she listens to her heart — which can lead to the aforementioned brashness, yes, but also gives her a strong moral compass. Her greatest assets are her friends and family, not just for their skills, but for their loyalty and compassion.

Being so young also means that she can grow, which she does throughout the series. Elena starts as a 16-year-old, fresh out of magical imprisonment after 41 years. It’s only natural that she would look before she leaps at times. By the three-part series finale’s conclusion, she is 20 and ready for the coronation.

A World of Fun

Of course, there is more to Elena of Avalor than a coming-of-age character arc. Disney music fans can enjoy one original musical number in each episode. The range of styles reflects the sonic diversity of Latin America, from merengue to mariachi and more.

In addition to singing and dancing, there are action set pieces aplenty. Elena is just as handy with a sword as with a guitar, and she gets many opportunities to show it. Mythological monsters and magical menaces are only some of the foes she faces. Some of it can get scary, especially in the show’s second half, but there’s always room for good humor and sweetness too.

Overall, Elena of Avalor is a vibrant and vivid series that offers a fresh vision of how Disney magic can look and feel. Best of all, there are 77 episodes, many of which can be watched on their own, but all combine to tell a complete narrative. If 90 minutes never feels like enough time with your favorite movie princess, you should watch this.

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