Your WDW Fan Theories: The Origin of the Incredibles

We love doing deep dives into Disney movies here at the Your WDW Store blog. We also love seeing other people’s takes — and not just thematic analysis, either. Fan theories can make for entertaining discussions. Today, just for fun, we’ll try to tackle one burning question: how did the stars of Pixar’s super actioner The Incredibles get their powers?

The Boring Real Reason

When working on fan theories, it can help to know what the creators were thinking. Brad Bird, writer and director of The Incredibles, once shared an illuminating insight into why he chose each family member’s powers. They reflect their roles and personalities. Bob must be strong as the man of the family, and Helen must be flexible in all her household and familiar duties. The teenage Violet is shy and defensive, while Dash has all the energy of a child and then some.

Perhaps the most intriguing revelation is why he made Jack-Jack such a jack-of-all-trades. Bird said of him, “Babies are unknown, maybe they have no powers, maybe they have all powers, we don’t know. … He’s sort of the Swiss Army knife of powers. And that to me reminds me of the way babies can grasp language really easily and adopt them easily.”

Born This Way

That’s all well and good, but what’s the in-universe origin of everyone’s powers? The answer seems obvious enough: the Incredibles, and other Supers, just have their abilities from birth. For evidence, look no further than Jack-Jack, the literal baby. The end of the first film (and the hilarious short Jack-Jack Attack) reveal that he has a plethora of powers. The sequel makes a whole subplot out of the family’s efforts to handle this development.

More importantly, though, is how the family views him before he exhibits these traits. When she tells Edna Mode, “Jack-Jack doesn’t have any powers,” her tone is flat and matter-of-factly. This certainty suggests that her other kids, Violet and Dash, were already known Supers in very early infancy (can you imagine?!). We can assume that the same goes for other Supers, with Jack-Jack being just a bit of a late bloomer.

Pick Your Powers

We’re not done with Jack-Jack just yet. Remember what we said about how Brad Bird picked everyone’s abilities based on their personalities? Some fans have taken this logic to an interesting in-universe conclusion: all Supers start off as Jack-Jack. Maybe Violet and Dash were both capable of flight, laser eyes, and all of their sibling’s other powers after their birth. The same goes for Bob and Helen.

This explanation does more than explain how “strength” plus “elasticity” can produce “speed” and “force fields.” See, babies represent unlimited potential. As they grow, circumstances and events whittle down the possibilities. Likewise, young Supers eventually concentrate on the powers that match their personalities and naturally drop the rest. In real life and in The Incredibles, it’s all part of growing up. And that’s fine, because you can still be super.

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